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Together, over 60 organisations have developed and implemented more than 900 actions to improve the way their organisations respond to issues of financial inclusion and wellbeing.

Systemic Impact at a National Level

CSI UNSW conducted an evaluation of FIAP in 2019 and found

  • FIAP programs to promote and incentivise savings targeted 41,000 clients with the total value of these programs estimated to be over $19 million.
  • Just over half a million people participated in over 2,000 workshops to increase financial capabilities. At least 121,000 people were supported in times of financial need, with this support valued at over $62 million.
  • Around 10,000 staff were trained to improve their capacity, attitude and behaviors to support financially vulnerable households.
  • Organisations trained 150 employees on issues related to family and domestic violence.
  • Over 8,000 customers were referred to other services for additional support, either within another part of the FIAP organisation or to an external organisation.
  • Examples of collaboration were widespread, with respondents collaborating with an average 14 other organisations to promote financial wellbeing, inclusion and resilience.
Geelong FIAP

Place-Based Impact for a Financially Resilient Community

In 2020-2021, organisations across Geelong came together for a Place-Based action plan. Some of the highlights include:

  • Deakin University provided $6.7 million as financial assistance to students experiencing hardship as result of COVID-19.
  • Bethany assisted 86 clients through their financial counselling/financial capability support services.
  • Barwon Water provided $498,527 as grant assistance to 3547 vulnerable customers through its Customer Support Program.
  • Aware Super delivered 650+ webinars, covering 24 different topics, to help vulnerable members to make best decisions about their financial future especially around early access of superannuation.
  • WorkSafe Victoria introduced a new financial wellbeing program to better support their employees.

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