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Better Life Mobile

Better Life Mobile is pleased to become the first Telecommunications Company to join the Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP) program. We are proud to be accepted as a member of the FIAP Program, and look forward to being an active contributor to the FIAP community, working in partnership to reduce the barriers to digital and financial inclusion through the provision of fair, affordable and accessible mobile phone services.

Digital inclusion is an important issue, as relevant as social inclusion in terms of maintaining and strengthening the social capital and cohesion of our society. For most of us, we rely on access to smartphones and internet connection to participate in the most basic of daily life activities. Banking, health service, government departments, education and even local community and sporting groups are administered mostly online.

A lack of digital and financial capability often leads to telecommunications customers being subjected to unfair pricing and sales practices, resulting in people being sold “as much they can” rather than what they actually needed or can afford.

As advocates for more transparent and customer focused pricing of telecommunication services, we will continue with our approach to ensure that customers are supported to stay connected, and are able to make informed decisions about how much they can afford and should spend in order to access the telecommunications services they need.

Usage data that informs the best outcome for customers will remain a key driver of ethos and business model. We will deepen our relationships with the community and welfare sector to ensure that our customer interactions and pricing of our products and services supports the work they are doing with their clients.

It is our hope that we can enhance the way we provide our customer service, in person and online, to improve our customers’ digital and financial literacy and capability. To achieve these ambitious changes it will take a sustained and collaborative effort from the public and private sectors to positively impact digital inclusion and ensure there is fairness and integrity in the way telecommunications services are marketed and sold in Australia.

Adrian Panozzo and Russel Barnes, Directors

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