“RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) is proud to join the Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP) program to work towards improving financial inclusion and resilience for our students.

Every day we aim to create transformative student experiences, and to enrich our community through research, innovation, teaching and engagement. We support the development of knowledge, skills and experience with which students can shape their own lives and develop solutions to universal challenges.

Inclusion is one of our core values, so at RMIT we believe that education is a right, not a privilege. As a pathway to employment and economic security, it should be accessible to students from all backgrounds and circumstances.

We celebrate and welcome diversity and support all our students to ensure they have the opportunity to succeed in their studies and beyond.” – Message from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education and VP

“Our Financial Inclusion Action Plan will provide an additional whole-of-University framework to enhance our current provision of support, including scholarships for living and study-related expenses and accommodation, emergency financial assistance, and financial capability building through the provision of information, tools and other resources. These initiatives provide comprehensive support for students by addressing inequalities, including financial hardship.

I am delighted to share RMIT’s first annual Financial Inclusion Action Plan which has been developed in consultation with our students and we welcome the opportunity to be part of a network committed to reducing inequalities and promoting inclusive growth through financial wellbeing.” – Professor Sherman Young, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education and Vice-President

Read RMIT’s FIAP here