Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

“Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has a long and proud history. For more than 165 years, we have actively listened and responded to the needs of our customers and their communities. Over this period, more than 80 different organisations have come together to become the Bank we are today – an Australian owned, top 100 ASX listed company, with approximately 100,000 shareholders.

Our vision is to be Australia’s bank of choice, driven by our purpose to feed into the prosperity of our customers and communities. This purpose underpins everything we stand for and the action we take. We believe our success is driven by helping our customers, and the communities in which they operate, to be successful.

Through partnering with local social enterprises across Australia, our Community Bank model enables the provision of banking services and the creation and retention of revenue in local communities that makes a real impact. This commitment to community helps make us Australia’s better big bank, with around 7000 staff helping more than 2.4 million customers to achieve their financial goals.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s network of brands provide a wide range of products and services, including personal and business banking, financial planning, commercial mortgages and unsecured loans, and wealth management through investment products, insurance, and superannuation.

Our sustainability journey is central to this purpose. Our ESG & Sustainability Business Plan is driven by the ambition to drive action towards a resilient and sustainable future to grow the prosperity of our customers, communities and our people.

As a result, our sustainability commitments clearly translate to deliver our purpose. Our commitments, initiatives, and targets allow us to ensure that we maintain our social license to operate, and that Bendigo and Adelaide Bank continues to be a responsible and ethical business.

Our social pillar is committed to identifying and managing issues and opportunities on a range of contemporary social topics impacting and shaping communities. The development of a FIAP is a key component of this action area. ” – Bendigo Bank

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s Sustainability Report includes its FIAP Statement of Commitment.

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