Allianz Australia


Allianz Australia

Allianz launched their Foundation FIAP in 2021.

At Allianz, we’re behind you for what’s ahead. We can never be sure about what the future holds, for some of us it may be the experience of financial hardship for the first time, for others it might be an improved position of wellbeing and prosperity.

I am proud to share Allianz’s Financial Inclusion Action Plan, which seeks to further improve how we support people experiencing hardship but also puts mechanisms in place to strengthen resilience. Recent times have also taught us that the societal and environmental problems we face must be tackled together.

By entering into the Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP) Program, Allianz is surrounding itself with collective wisdom to contribute to significant change, to meet customers’ needs and to make a commitment to ongoing learning and innovation in the area of financial inclusion.

Richard Feledy, Managing Director, Allianz Australia

Read Allianz’s FIAP here