Great Southern Bank


Great Southern Bank

“Great Southern Bank (formerly CUA) launched their Foundation FIAP in 2020, with actions taking place over a two year period.

In September 2020, under our former name of CUA, we released our first Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP). Since then, we have rebranded and changed our name to Great Southern Bank. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to improving financial inclusion and wellbeing for our customers.

This FIAP is a further proof point of our foundation on fairness and social purpose. Today, that is about helping all Australians own their own home. At the same time, we recognise that the pathway to home ownership for many Australians remains a financial challenge.

In developing our first FIAP, we have sought to better understand and ease some of those pressures, both through our own existing activities and by collaborating with other purpose-led organisations. We have deliberately focused on some of issues we know contribute most to financial stress: helping Australians overcome barriers to home ownership, lifting digital and financial capability and supporting customers and team members experiencing family violence.” – Paul Lewis CEO and Managing Director Great Southern Bank

Read GSB’s FIAP here