Give Where You Live

Give Where You Live

Give Where You Live Foundation is a unique, place-based philanthropic community foundation. 

They are a change-maker for their region. Who constantly looking at, assessing, and addressing social needs within their region.  

They want to make changes in the community, build upon it and make its foundations fairer for everyone. Through a combination of innovative and traditional programs and support, we are creating meaningful change to people’s lives in our community and inspiring our community to do the same. 

These innovative and traditional programs (our Change Initiatives) include our grants programs, advocacy work, the innovative GROW program, WorkWell, Feed Geelong, and Community Choice. 

Our dream? 

To create a community in which equity is normalised. A community that sees a need and addresses it. A community that thrives. A community with improved education outcomes, fairer employment and training opportunities and support for people experiencing life-inhibiting crises. 

The FIAP Program is able to build on the existing strong networks across the region so that we can all bring our own expertise and skills.