Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

“Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has a long and proud history. For more than 165 years, we have actively listened and responded to the needs of our customers and their communities. Over this period, more than 80 different organisations have come together to become the Bank we are today – an Australian owned, top 100 ASX […]


“As an organisation that provides insurance and banking products and services to millions of households across Australia and New Zealand, Suncorp understands the important role we play in ensuring community members feel financially included and able to contribute to a sustainable economy. Our vision is a financial system that supports people in times of need, […]

Great Southern Bank

“Great Southern Bank (formerly CUA) launched their Foundation FIAP in 2020, with actions taking place over a two year period. In September 2020, under our former name of CUA, we released our first Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP). Since then, we have rebranded and changed our name to Great Southern Bank. What hasn’t changed is […]


“Liberty was founded in 1997 on the premise of fairness and financial inclusion. A premise which understands that providing credit for good purpose has a sustainable and positive impact on the community. We are headquartered in Melbourne and have almost 500 people working in the Liberty Group across Australia and New Zealand. We align our […]


“QBE Australia is proud to be part of the Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP) program – joining other leading organisations that are equally committed to promoting greater financial inclusion. Together, we’re doing what we can to help ensure no Australian is left behind. As a major insurance company, QBE is focused on managing risk and […]

Commonwealth Bank

The Commonwealth Bank is one of the founding members of the FIAP Program, having launched their Foundation FIAP in 2016. Since the launch of their Foundation FIAP, CBA has increased its focus on financial wellbeing, developing a Financial Wellbeing Score and partnering with Good Shepherd to launch the Financial Independence Hub, a free and confidential […]

Aware Super

“Our goal, by investing your super, is to improve our communities, economy, and our environment, while also delivering strong long-term returns.    Aware Super are a tobacco-free fund at the forefront in responsible investing, leading, and collaborating with a common purpose.   Aware Super is an award-winning superannuation company, recognised through its extensive network through memberships and […]


“IAG’s purpose is to “make your world a safer place”- and this extends to financial resilience and safety. Access to insurance is important because it provides the financial protection to help people recover when the unexpected happens. In putting together our plan, we considered what’s important in making insurance accessible. This is why our plan […]


HESTA is one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds, with over 950,000 members and close to $68 billion in assets under management. More than 80% of HESTA’s members are women, and HESTA’s FIAP actions represent a strong focus on advocacy for women’s economic security. HESTA believes financial security shouldn’t be just for a lucky few. Financial […]


ANZ is one of the founding members of the FIAP program, and have a strong history of supporting financial inclusion in Australia. ANZ’s purpose is “to help shape a world where people and communities thrive”. As well as a commitment to have fair and responsible banking at the core of their sustainability approach, ANZ has […]