Beyond Blue: Services Guide for Financial and Mental Wellbeing

On 16 June 2023 Beyond Blue and Financial Counselling Australia (FCA) launched a resource – Services Guide for Financial and Mental Wellbeing. The co-designed resource uses information and practical tools to build the capacity of the mental health and finance sectors to refer people who may benefit from financial counselling and mental health support. The […]

Age, Money, and Mental Health Report

In the last few years, the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute have focused research on how age affects our experience with money and mental health. Detailed in a series of policy notes, researchers at the Institute have examined those relationships closely (Becca Stacey; Dec 2022). Key findings include: When it comes to how our […]

Employee Financial Wellbeing Action Guide

Good Shepherd’s vision is for all women, girls and families to be safe, well, strong and connected. Part of this vision is advocacy for increased financial wellbeing. Advocacy is not limited to policy reform and government engagement, but can affect multiple levels of society. This tool guided is by CSI’s Financial Wellbeing Framework that includes […]

Monitoring and Evaluation

The FIAP Framework provides guidance and assurance that actions our members take lead to real change.  Progress Verification  Every action in a FIAP must have clearly specified outputs.  Organisations track these outputs, and undergo progress verification in partnership with EY at the conclusion of their FIAP. This involves collection of evidence that actions are completed, […]