Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation

The FIAP Framework provides guidance and assurance that actions our members take lead to real change. 

Progress Verification 

Every action in a FIAP must have clearly specified outputs.  Organisations track these outputs, and undergo progress verification in partnership with EY at the conclusion of their FIAP. This involves collection of evidence that actions are completed, and a sample-based review of this evidence by EY. 

This provides a level of assessment and consistency about the FIAP process and outputs. It does not refer to any conclusion or opinion being expressed in accordance with Australian Auditing Standards. 

Definitions of completion status: 


  • An activity has been completed that clearly satisfies the full letter and intent of the action statement and outputs
  • An action is ‘ongoing’ but the appropriate activities for this period have been completed
  • An activity has been completed that satisfies the letter but not the intent of the action statement, i.e. the action didn’t entirely achieve the intended outcome (the activity is still complete, and the organisation may wish to discuss the outcomes/next steps identified in the comment)


Partially completed:

A start has been made on the planned activity and it is progressing toward completion/output, e.g. research done and a plan is agreed but not implemented, or materials are drafted but not finalised.  

  • A start was made on the planned activity, but activity has stopped or stalled and the action remains incomplete, regardless of the intention to continue this action in the future
  • An activity has been completed that satisfies part of the action statement and outputs, e.g. if the statement is two parts joined by an ‘and’ or part of the policies/programs/staff have been covered by an activity but not all


Not commenced:

  • The planned activity has not commenced, but may be undertaken in future


No longer planned:

  • The activity has not been commenced, and is no longer planned for the future


See progress verification reports



The Centre for Social Impact at UNSW provides evaluation of the FIAP program at key phases in the program lifecycle. You can read their evaluations here.

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