What is a FIAP?

A Financial Inclusion Action Plan. Organisations with FIAPs make public commitments to work on actions that will increase financial inclusion and financial wellbeing within their own sphere of influence. These can either be plans for one organisation, or part of a place-based action plan bringing tother multiple organisations. The plans are developed as part of […]

Who benefits from FIAP?

Financial Inclusion Action Plans are not social programs aimed at providing direct support to people in need; instead, they represent a range of actions aimed at delivering systemic improvements to the financial wellbeing of many people across a range of sectors.  These commitments will, however, often include actions that directly impact people experiencing financial hardship […]

How do FIAPs benefit women?

At Good Shepherd, we aspire for all women, girls and families to be safe, strong and connected. We are committed to tackling the issues of our time which adversely affect them.  We are Australia’s oldest charity working to support women and girls experiencing abuse and disadvantage. We recognise that financial exclusion affects women disproportionally to […]