Can anyone join FIAP?

FIAP members make public commitments to improve financial wellbeing in their sphere of influence. Before inviting an organisation to join the FIAP, Good Shepherd and the FIAP Advisory Group conduct due diligence to ensure the organisation’s purpose, operations, and impact, align with its program goals. Any organisation with an exploitative core business model is excluded. For example, […]

Do you have public events?

Yes, the FIAP program occasionally runs events designed to connect a broad range of community organisations interested in financial inclusion and wellbeing.  See our Events page for more information.  We also run quarterly events for our members, with the aim of supporting them to implement their action plans and connect to other FIAP champions and […]

How does progress verification work?

Most Foundation Action Plans have a 12-month duration. Build FIAPs have 2-3 year durations.  For Foundation FIAPs, progress verification occurs at the end of the plan. Members self-assess the completion status of their actions, and collate evidence to show that outputs specified in their plan are now in place. EY will seek samples of evidence, […]

How long does it take to make a FIAP?

Creating a FIAP is a deliberate exercise that initially focuses on a ‘self assessment’ of the actions an organisation already undertakes in the space of financial wellbeing. It then moves toward possible future actions to further support the financial wellbeing of its customers, employees, contractors or suppliers, or the broader community.  To ensure a commitment from […]

What is a Foundation FIAP? What is a Build FIAP?

A Foundation FIAP is the first FIAP an organisation undertakes. It will typically be a twelve-month commitment, and will contain actions that are often of an exploratory or planning nature.  After the completion of a Foundation FIAP, some organisations will choose to move to a Build FIAP, which constitutes deeper, longer-term commitments to act. Build […]

Where does FIAP operate?

The FIAP program operates nationally across Australia, with place-based FIAPs in Geelong, Victoria, and Northern Adelaide, South Australia.  Some FIAP organisations refer to actions of subsidiaries and related entities in other countries, as a sub-set of their Australian action plans. 

What is involved in a FIAP membership?

FIAP members get access to dedicated Community of Practice events and a knowledge portal to help learn about financial inclusion and wellbeing, and connect to other members.  Membership also includes support from Good Shepherd to develop, launch, implement, and report on progress for an Action Plan. This support will typically include several facilitated workshops and […]

What is the cost of FIAP membership?

National members pay an annual membership fee, which supports the program and includes support from Good Shepherd and EY to develop, launch, implement, and verify the FIAP. Membership fees vary according to the size of the organisation, with special rates for not-for-profits. Please contact us to find out more. Place-based members do not pay a fee, […]

Who pays for FIAP?

FIAP is supported by membership fees, in addition to operational funding and support from Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand. The national program has previously received funding support from the Government of Australia – Department of Human Services, and the Ecstra Foundation. Place-Based programs have benefited from support from the Helen MacPherson Smith Trust, the Building […]