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As a not-for-profit working at the forefront of family violence service delivery, Good Shepherd delivers training to organisations on family violence awareness. As a training organisation one of the key learnings for Good Shepherd’s Advisory Services has been that organisations need to reconsider their family violence policies in relation to CALD communities if they want to increase the impact of their policies.

During the training, the presentation discusses some methods for the translation of polices into more accessible language and formats such as using stories which are culturally appropriate for many. The presentation will encourage organisations to present things differently such as using videos or pictures so they are understood and read in language all can understand.  Family violence policies can be more effective when they are read and understood by those impacted. Workplaces can play a bigger role in family violence education and prevention.

Please contact the FIAP team if you would like to know more about engaging Good Shepherd for your organisation. FIAP members receive a 10% discount on Advisory Services training. As a FIAP member, you can get started now using the “Draw a Policy” tool on our “Resources” page!

Good Shepherd Training and Advisory Flyer