Become a Member

We invite organisations from all sectors in Australia to join the FIAP Program to improve financial wellbeing in their own sphere of influence.

Why join the FIAP Program?

Financial Inclusion Action Plans provide an opportunity for organisations to explore their current business operations and to identify potential future actions to support financial inclusion and resilience. The FIAP program provides a robust framework to support this, including quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation.

Joining the FIAP Program also provides opportunities to learn from and collaborate with leading organisations from diverse sectors.

Good for Customers
  • Improve access to safe, affordable and appropriate financial products and services.
  • Provide better pathways to support in difficult situations.
  • Improve financial resilience to deal with shocks.
  • Improve financial wellbeing - the ability to comfortably meet and maintain current financial commitments and needs.
Good for the Community
  • Strengthen and deepen relationships between community members and organisations.
  • Creates a more supportive environment and inclusive environment.
  • When individuals and families are financially included, they are improving their lives, which benefits the community as a whole
Good for Participating Organisations
  • Understand and engage diverse, often under-served customer segments.
  • Improves staff financial wellbeing and fosters a sense of organisational purpose.
  • Enables cross-sector, cross-industry relationships built on shared values and shared purpose.

FIAP Subscription

The FIAP Program operates through annual subscriptions from Member organisations, with multiple tiers available to suit your needs.

A FIAP Subscription includes

Support to develop and implement a FIAP
  • Workshops to develop your FIAP. During these workshops, you will understand the issue of financial inclusion , and identify actions that align to your organisations' strategy and sphere of influence. At least two workshops will be face to face, facilitated by Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand staff and consultants
  • Tools and templates to identify, prioritise, track, and measure your actions.
  • Regular support via phone and email from the FIAP Secretariat
Ongoing support for Evaluation and QA
  • Outcomes Evaluation support from our Evaluation Partner (currently Centre for Social Impact at UNSW)
  • Output Quality Assurance from our QA Partner (currently EY)
Collaboration and learning opportunities
  • Four Community of Practice networking sessions per year, to join the other FIAP participants
  • Use of the FIAP Collaboration Portal
  • Attendance at FIAP Annual Event, bringing together FIAP participants with subject matter experts to share learnings and activity.
  • Access to FIAP Advisory Group comprising experts from business, academia, social services and government.
Communications and Advocacy
  • Marketing and communications support for your FIAP program, both internal and external. This includes PR and social media activity to promote FIAP actions in conjunction with the FIAP Annual Event.
  • Use of FIAP logo, recognising your program membership and commitment to action.
  • Advocacy opportunities to join with other FIAP participants to lead and shape national dialogue on financial inclusion and associated issues