Wagestream’s mission is to make money simple, not stressful.

Wagestream is the leading charity-backed and socially focused fintech, focusing on improving financial wellbeing for all employees.

“Our mission at Wagestream is to make money simple, not stressful and to improve employee financial wellbeing. We do this by working with employers to enable employees to track and access earned income, build rainy day and future savings before being paid and learn money management principles with interactive behaviourally-informed insights and 1:1 in-app money coaching.

In partnering with some of the biggest employers in the nation, we recognise the opportunity we have to support financial wellbeing at scale. Our goal is to reduce reliance on high-cost short-term credit and create behaviours that encourage longterm savings habits, financial resilience and reduction of financial stress.

Financial wellbeing is core to our mission. We use the Centre for Social Impact’s definition of financial wellbeing, which states that financial wellbeing is when a person is able to meet expenses and has some money left over, is in control of their finances and feels financially secure – now and in the future.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and look forward to delivering and building on our plan in collaboration with Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand, the Centre for Social Impact and EY.” – Josh Vernon, CEO Wagestream Australia

Wagestream launched their Foundation FIAP in 2021.