Taking Action to Make Geelong a Financially Inclusive and Resilient City

Our Geelong FIAP report highlights the critical role played by all Geelong FIAP members in addressing the issues of financial stress and hardship affecting the local communities. In 2018, the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust extended an opportunity for Good Shepherd to leverage the learnings of the national FIAP Program and test it in a specific […]

Evaluation of the FIAP Program (2019)

As one of the founding partners of the FIAP program since its inception in 2016, the Centre for Social Impact at UNSW has led the evaluation of the program’s impact, and the effectiveness of its processes.   The second evaluation, of the program’s Transition Phase from 2018-2019 found the following impacts, amongst others:  $1.2M invested in closing […]

Suncorp launches Build FIAP

Suncorp was one of the founding Trailblazers of the FIAP Program in 2016, and has recently become the first financial services organisation to release a “Build” level FIAP, acknowledging a commitment to more ambitious, deeper and broader actions over a longer term of three years.  Developing this plan included Group level leadership consultation by exploring […]