FIAP Governance

Good governance and oversight is essential to ensure that the FIAP program achieve its ambitious objectives, whilst exercising best-practice risk and project management. The FIAP Partnership Group, comprising of the Department of Social Services, Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand, EY and the Centre for Social Impact UNSW (CSI), enables each Member to build on their expertise including best practice approaches to program design and delivery, social impact evaluation and quality assurance, as briefly described below.


The Centre for Social Impact at UNSW evaluated achievements from 15 FIAP members and reported:

  • FIAP programs to promote and incentivise savings targeted 41,000 clients with a total value over $19 million
  • At least 121,000 people were supported in times of financial need, with support valued at over $62 million
  • Around 10,000 staff were trained to improve their capacity, attitude and behaviours to support financially vulnerable households.

Read CSI's Evaluation of the FIAP Program here.

FIAP Partnership Group


Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand


  • Ongoing FIAP program development and delivery.
  • Provide secretariat support




  • Develop FIAP Progress Verification framework
  • Deliver Progress Verification reports for members.
  • Ongoing subject matter expertise on how Progress Verification impacts FIAP program development and delivery


Centre for Social Impact

  • Develop FIAP Program Impact Evaluation framework (includes evaluation of FIAP program as a whole and collective action of FIAP members).
  • Develop FIAP impact evaluation report.
  • Develop FIAP process evaluation
  • Ongoing subject matter expertise on how monitoring and evaluation impacts FIAP program delivery.